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Due to advanced aquaculture technology and market demand, more and more high-value seafood are being farmed to meet the demand. Here at FishBioID, we are not against aquaculture, we just want to give wild-caught seafood its right value – like Certified Organic.

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March 2019, the ah-ha moment

The problem of distinguishing a live Wild Caught Vs a Farmed Coral Trout and most heartbreaking is by classifying Olive green colored Coral Trout – not even Coral Trout. Devastating to the Australia Queensland’s small Wild Caught fishery.

The idea of using spots on Coral Trout as a unique identifier for product traceability is conceptualised by our founder Edmond Wong


More research and initial software development

Spoken to Queensland Museum’s Ichthyologist and confirmed “It is very unlikely that any two individuals of a species will have exactly the same spot pattern”

Initial software development also provided very promising results.


Growing the FishBioID team

Teamwork makes the dream work. Murray Tymms, Marius Erasmus, and Jonathan Claassens joined the team.

The journey begins, developing the idea into a reality. We started by developing the Fish Registration App and then moved on to the Customer Verification App by using the lasted AI technology: human face biometric data identification and pattern matching technologies.

Our technology was also granted an Innovation Patent on 13th October 2021


The best is yet to come

Our Apps will enable live Coral Trout to be enrolled into the system at the point of capture and can be identified through our AFRS (Automated face recognition system) using Android or iOS mobile devices. Consumers can know more about each individual fish;

When is caught, where is caught, who caught, which fishing vessel, the weather of the day, Exporter / Wholesaler and Importer / Local Wholesaler.

Coral Trout is the one specie our team is working on but we are looking at other species. Get in touch with us if you have others in mind.