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AI Authentication

Consumers increasingly want to know if their seafood choices are sustainable, legally and ethically produced, as well as want to avoid seafood fraud.

FishBioID is the latest tool for every Consumers to have instant verification and they deserve what they pay for.

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There is a booming Coral Trout farming industry in China and a few other Asian countries.

However the problem for Consumers all around the world is they cannot distinguish a Wild Caught Coral Trout from a Farmed Coral Trout.

Consumers are always willing to pay a premium on Wild Caught.


Introduce biometric authentication for Coral Trout.

Based on the latest AI technology. Our system will enable Coral Trout to be enrolled into the system at point of capture and can be identified by the consumer using standard Android or iOS mobile devices. Consumers can have instant authentication on the Coral Trout they paid for.

Our Solution – Biometric Authentication

Facial Recognition!

FishBioID is facial recognition currently developed for Coral Trout

Our solution is based on the latest AI technologies: Human Face Biometric Data Identification and Pattern Matching Technologies.

The data collected by the system, enriched by additional specific information, will be used for traceability purpose.

Our system will enable live Coral Trout to be enrolled into the system at point of capture and can be identified through our AFRS …

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About Us – FishBioID

Where it all started

FishBioID started from the need to know

  • How can customers determine where the Coral Trout is coming from
  • How to distinguish a Wild Caught Coral Trout to a Farmed Coral Trout
  • Where the fish was caught 
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